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The Writer's Journey

Our panel of established Muslimah authors, editors, publishers and industry professionals will walk you through the Writer's Journey, giving you tips and advice for every step along the path, in this unique online writing summit, exclusively for Muslim women. 


Learn, network, and take your writing career to the next level!

  • the writer's mindset

    You are what you think! Join us for this summit and you'll be challenged to examine the underlying beliefs and assumptions which may be holding you back and how to develop a productive writer's mindset.

  • the writing process

    Routines, writing habits, daily pages—oh my! Learn about the tried-and-true methods of successful authors, and learn new tips and tricks to establishing your own sustainable writing method. Learn about the different ways to make a living as a Muslimah author and how to hone your craft.

  • moving past the first draft

    Learn why that first draft is so important, and ways you can push through the uncomfortable refining process to improve your manuscript and get it 'pitch perfect'. Understand the importance of building your author platform and collaborating with other authors in your niche.

  • getting recognised by publishers

    Learn from industry professionals how to grab the attention of publishers and agents, and how to get to the top of their manuscript pile. Make contact with potential publishers and get the lowdown on what they look for in a manuscript and its author.

  • the publishing journey

    Learn the pros and cons of self-publishing and working with a publisher and how to succeed at both. Learn from our publishers and authors alike some key tips on coping with common publishing issues such as working with an editor, finding designers and illustrators, funding your project and distribution.

  • the launch & the aftermath

    Learn about what happens when your book is up for sale! Get solid advice on launching your book, PR and marketing and hear the stories of the successes and failures of established authors and publishers.

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The Speakers

These authors, editors, publishers, bloggers, public speakers, scholars, teachers, and lecturers have been where you are, and they have wisdom to share for your writing journey.

Na'ima B. Robert

Author and Summit Host

Na'ima B. Robert is the award-winning author of the Muslimah classic, From My Sisters' Lips. She is also an editor, publisher, poet and is the founder of the UK-based Muslim women's publication, SISTERS Magazine. Na'ima has published 19 books for young adults, children, and adults, focusing on the multicultural niche. Her contributions to diversity in children's literature have been studied at university level and she has been published in the Times, The Independent, The Guardian, as well as several Muslim publications around the world. She is the Trainer-in-Chief at MuslimahWriters.com.

Umm Zakiyyah

Author and Speaker

Umm Zakiyyah is an American Muslim author from Long Island. Her first novel, published in 2001, If I Should Speak, was chosen as required reading in multicultural literature courses at several colleges and universities across the US. She has written for many blogs and publications, including SISTERS Magazine, muslimmatters.org, and onislam.net

Layinka Sanni

Writer, Editor, and NLP Practioner

LaYinka Sanni is an ex-editor, ex-publisher, and an award-winning writer who has a slightly huge love for words. After 10+ years assisting Muslim women in writing, polishing, and publishing their books, LaYinka now works as a certified practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner assisting Muslim women to live with intentional purpose their authentic self.

Hend Hegazi

Author and Content Editor

Hend Hegazi is an author and content curator. Her debut novel, Normal Calm, was published in January 2014, and her second novel, Behind Picket Fences, was published in July 2016. Her fiction and poetry focus on the human condition, often shedding light on the Muslim-American experience. Hegazi is also the content editor for Djarabi Kitabs Publishing.

Ameenah Muhammad-Diggins

Author, Speaker, and Business Consultant

Voted Top 25 most influential American Muslims. Ameenah Muhammad-Diggins is an American Author, Speaker and Business Consultant. Ameenah has been featured in Philadelphia Magazine, SJ Magazine, Huffington Post, Dove Self Esteem Campaign and WHYY. Ameenah now is the Author of There is Greatness in Me, which teaches children positive self-talk and Bashirah and The Amazing Bean Pie, which celebrates African-American Muslim culture. A Philadelphia native, Ameenah resides in New Jersey with her husband and their two children.

Kathryn Jones

Author and Business Coach

Kathryn Jones is the author of Step Up: Embrace The Leader Within. She is also the founder of the Beautiful Muslimah Academy, the annual ME First Summit and the Great Ramadan Giveaway. She is known internationally as the Peaceful Parenting Coach, as well as a Business Performance Coach for Muslim women who wish to build a six-figure business in twelve months. Her primary focus is on supporting Muslim women to step up and embrace the leader within themselves.

Rukhsana Khan

Author, Storyteller, and Public Speaker

Rukhsana Khan is an award-winning author and storyteller. She is the author of twelve books, one of which was chosen by the New York Public Library as one of the 100 greatest children's books in the last 100 years. Khan has appeared on television and radio, and has been featured at conferences and festivals around the world.

Fatima Barkatulla

Author, Scholar, and Lecturer

Ustadha Fatima is an Islamic author and lecturer based in London. She studied Arabic and Islamic studies in Egypt and is currently completing her studies at a seminary in the U.K. She is author of Khadijah, Mother of History’s Greatest Nation. She was Director of Seeds of Change - the biggest Muslim women's conference in Europe.

Nabeela Noorani

Author, Publisher, and Blogger

A teacher by day and a writer by night, Nabeela is the author of Six Broken Hearts. Through her popular blog and page, Tales Of The Sisterhood, she explores various taboo issues within society. She resides in Port Elizabeth, South Africa with her husband and three sons.

Melati Lum


Melati Lum is an Australian/Malay/Chinese Muslim mum, and is the author of Ayesha Dean - The Istanbul Intrigue, a series of novels for middle-graders. Also a practising lawyer, Lum specialises in criminal prosecution. She has interned in Geneva at an International Human Rights NGO, and in the Netherlands for the United Nations assisting in the prosecution of war crimes that had occurred in the former Yugoslavia.

Fatima Omar-Khamissa

Author, Coach, and Publisher

After 21 years of marital abuse, Fatima Omar-Khamissa took her five children and rebuilt her life from the ground up, with no emotional support, all while receiving a government welfare cheque. Today, she is the CEO of Spiritual Biz Moms and MillionStarsAcademy.com. As an international speaker, master coach, and bestselling author of 5 books, Fatima shares her message to inspire, motivate, and lead. As a publisher, Fatima works to showcase positive, successful, and happy Muslim voices in the media. She has helped more than 24 people become bestselling authors.

Amran Abdi


Amran Abdi is a Somali-Australian author, speaker, poet and Early Childhood educator. As an Early childhood educator, Amran is passionate about playing a positive role in shaping tolerant and enthusiastic “little people”. Since publishing her first book, The Rainbow Hijab, Amran has fostered positive dialogue surrounding the hijab internationally.

Tayyaba Syed

Author and Speaker

Tayyaba Syed is a freelance journalist and the dual award-winning author of the beloved children's picture book, The Blessed Bananas. Her work has been featured in numerous publications like National Public Radio, Chicago Parent, Islamic Horizons, Azizah Magazine, Chicago Crescent, and Halal Consumer Magazine. She co-authored four chapter books in the popular kids’ series Jannah Jewels and works as the Research Specialist for Daybreak Press as well as a Curriculum Consultant for Whitestone Foundation’s Author Development Program. She also designs unique plots for Noor Kids educational books as their Creative Developer and has even written a non-fiction book on Islam for elementary students with Encyclopedia Britannica.

Zanib Mian

Author and Publisher

Zanib Mian is an accomplished children’s author whose books have featured on BBC’s Cbeebies Bedtime Stories and The Guardian for their contribution to diversity in children’s literature. She launched Sweet Apple Publishers with a clear commitment to publishing inclusive books. Zanib’s book, The Muslims, has been shortlisted for the Little Rebels Award. Mian is also on the panel of judges for the prestigious Young Muslim Writers Awards.

Papatia Feauxzar of Djarabi Kitabs

Author and Publisher

Papatia Feauxzar is an American author, barista, and publisher of West African descent living in Dallas, Texas. Feauxzar regularly contributes to The Human Lens Blog and blogs at Between Sisters, SVP! or A Ducktrinor Mom. She is the Love and Relationship Editor at Hayati Magazine and has contributed her expertise in 'Saffron: a Collection of Personal Narratives by Muslim Women.' Finally, Feauxzar has written for AboutIslam, MVSLIM, and SISTERS Magazine. Papatia is the founder of Djarabi Kitabs Publishing, founded in May 2013. It's a small press housing sixteen successful and acclaimed Muslim authors.

Tope Fajingbesi Balogun

Author and Speaker

Tope Fajingbesi Balogun is a Nigerian-American social entrepreneur, independent financial management consultant, inspirational speaker, and teacher. She is the author of the best-selling novel, Love in Cancun, as well as What Color is Your Money? and Soulful Whispers. She created and hosted "Impact Africa", a radio program to inspire listeners to participate actively in African development through entrepreneurship and job creation particularly for Africa’s growing youth population from 2013 to 2015. 

Theresa Corbin

Author, Speaker, and Podcaster

Theresa Corbin is a blogger and author, as well as the creator of islamwich.com. She authored The Islamic, Adult Coloring Book and co-authored, with Kaighla Um Dayo, The New Muslim’s Field Guide. Corbin is a French-creole American and Muslimah who converted in 2001. She holds a BA in English Lit and is a writer, editor, and graphic artist who focuses on themes of conversion to Islam, Islamophobia, women's rights, and bridging gaps between peoples of different faiths and cultures. She is a regular contributor for AboutIslam.net and Al Jumuah magazine. Her work has also been featured on CNN and Washington Post, among other publications.

Kaighla Um Dayo

Author, Editor & Podcaster

Kaighla Um Dayo is an author, editor, and story-teller extraordinaire. Aside from co-authoring The New Muslim's Field Guide with Theresa Corbin, her writing has been featured on AboutIslam.net, My Iddah, Al Jumuah, and more. She is the former editor of Ask About Islam of aboutislam.net and My-Iddah.com. Having survived a messy divorce after an abusive marriage to a Sheikh, Kaighla works hard to enlighten Muslim women to their God-given rights and works to alleviate the fears that keep them trapped in oppressive marriages and lifestyles. Her greatest passion is sharing the wisdom she garnered across the last 10 years: Life sometimes hands you lemons, but you don’t have to be bitter.

Maryam Yusuf


Maryam Yousaf is a Scottish Author, Blogger, and Social Influencer whose writing focuses on issues that affect the Muslims of today. Her repertoire of books include: The Forbidden Relationship: A Handbook on Love, Lust & Heartbreaks, The Rebirth of Love: The Journey to Self-Love, and the Little Muslims Inspiration Series. With her children’s books, Maryam writes to inspire a generation of children who believe in themselves, who dream big, and strive to be their very best. Maryam has been featured on the BBC Programme Timeline, The Evening Telegraph, Sisters Magazine and was recently interviewed by Brave Your Day Magazine which features stories of outstanding and everyday courage and bravery. Maryam resides with her husband and their four children in Scotland.

Aishah Adams

Author, Coach, and Activist

Aishah Adams is a Nigerian serial social entrepreneur. She is the Author of The White Elephant. She is also the Founder of Siddiqah, a personal and community development organisation built to make a powerful impact in the lives of people and communities across the world. Siddiqah houses 2 giants; Siddiqah Primo Foundation—a humanitarian hub—as well as Siddiqah Institute—a life-coaching and consultancy platform. Aishah is very passionate about leaving people and communities better than she meets them and she strives to make her impact through the different works she's constantly engaged in whilst striving to inspire others to live their lives to their full potential.

Layla Abdullah-Poulos

Author and Editor

Award-winning writer Layla Abdullah-Poulos has an extensive background in literary criticism. She has a B.A. in Historical Studies and Literature, M.A. in Liberal Studies, and an A.C. in Women and Gender Studies. Layla is an adjunct history instructor at SUNY Empire State College. Layla received The Francis Award from The International Association for the Study of Popular Romance (IASPR). Layla is managing editor for the NbA Muslims blog on the Patheos Muslim Channel. She is the cultural contributor for Radio Islam, where she raises appreciation for contributions to the Muslim literary canon in the U.S. and U.K. as well as socio-cultural issues affecting Western Muslim cultures.

Najiyah Maxfield

Author, Editor, Publisher, and Speaker

Najiyah Maxfield is the award-winning author of several short stories and poems, and her first novel, Sophia's Journal, takes YA readers on a rousing time-travel adventure that is Hamilton-esque in its representation of America "then" through the eyes of a young Muslim woman "now." Najiyah served for three years as Managing Editor of Discover: The Magazine for Curious Muslim Kids, and is now Editorial Director of Daybreak Press, Rabata's nonprofit, women-run press. She also teaches public speaking each fall and creative writing each spring for the Ribaat online academic program. Dividing her time between Michigan and Kuwait, Najiyah teaches and edits on planes, trains, and automobiles. And in airports, coffeeshops, and park gazebos. And every once in a while, at a desk.

S. K. Ali


S. K. Ali is the author of Saints and Misfits, an award-winning coming-of-age novel about an American-Muslim teen finding her voice. Found on several best-of-2017 lists, including the New York Public Library's, Kirkus reviews' and Entertainment Weekly's, it has also become required reading for courses in several high schools and universities across the U.S. and Canada. She's got four upcoming titles, including Marvels and Oddities, to be published summer, 2019.

Uzma Jalaluddin 


Uzma Jalaluddin is the author of Ayesha At Last, a Pride and Prejudice-inspired romantic comedy set in a close knit Muslim community in Toronto. She also writes "Samosas and Maple Syrup," a column for the Toronto Star, Canada's largest daily newspaper, about parenting and the intersection of faith, culture, and modern life. She has also been a guest on the TV shows Cityline, The Social, and CTV Your Morning, as well as on various CBC radio programs. Her work has been reviewed in The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, Post Media, CBC Books, and numerous Canadian magazines including Toronto Life, Chatelaine, Elle Canada.